What is NEO India+

India is the country most rapidly growing with 1.3 billion population, but what people all over the world exactly know about India? What Japanese people know about India?


Taj Mahal, IT, Curry, Cow in the street, Gandhi, Hindi, Bollywood...

This is one aspect but there are many unknown modernized cultures in India.


NEO India+ is the catalyst to spread Indian NEO culture to the world as well as stimulate and inspire each culture without any borders.  The concept of this project is Catalyst of Fusion”.

The objective

We would dare to say that "we are not the one" but we have an ability to recognize and respect the difference each other. The objective of our presence is to stimulate the audience's imagination and enhance their perception for more flexible response.


There won't be neither the right nor wrong answer for what we are trying to achieve here. We believe in our limitless imaginative power and keep experimenting to influence the world and people.

The journey of NEO India+ starts from the fusion with Japanese golden leaf by respecting both unrivaled original cultures.


2 Indian talented artists are going to demonstrate their absolute original style inspired by Indian traditional Hindu culture like "Rangoli" and their great god "Ganesha" but also merged with Japanese culture.


This is a path to cultivate the way of co-existence between Indian passionate and vibrant multiple complementary colors and Japanese Zen Moment.

The first step


Gallery in Tokyo

TBD, 2 weeks


Registered artist :

Shigwan Shashank

Oil paint with Gold leaf


Guest artist:

Vijay Sherlekar

Calligraphy - Mixed Media

The exhibition

Planned exhibition

WHEN:Twice a year (Spring/Autumn)

WHERE : The gallery/museum at Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka

WHO:Registered artists + Guest artist from India

WHAT:New art piece of registered artists and guets's art pieces



Special exhibition

 WHEN:Once a year (Tentative)

Target area : Mumbai, Delhi, Banglore,  New York, London,

WHO:Registered artists


How you can support

this project

Be our audience!

Visit our exhibition and tell your family & friends how you felt through our demonstration.


Support in a various ways





* Venue

* Art related tools

* Event related things

* As our member, work with us.


For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us!!


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